Thursday, January 28, 2010

Milk Glass

The last couple nights I have been browsing some of my fave design blogs and realized how much I LOVE milk glass! I also realized that I'm also totally in love with white ceramic kitchenware. Martha Stewart (who is pretty much AWESOME and I don't care if she spent time in prison, dad) has beautiful white ceramic cake plates that come in 3 different sizes and in 2 different shapes. I personally think I need all 6 but at around $30 a piece I don't think Byron James would agree. Maybe I can start collecting them slowly..... Check these other beautiful pieces I found and I would love to add to my collection of kitchenware. I love the details on the plate and the simpleness of the footed compote. Did I mention I how much I enjoy anything and everything that has to do with kitchenware? Looking at all these things makes me daydream of when we have a house and we can through dinner parties and entertain. I can't wait!

Oh I almost forgot. My new ring came today and I couldn't be more in love with it, it has a mint green amethyst in the middle and the 4 prongs have 3 little diamonds each. It has a vintage feel and it's so sparkly!

Much Love, 

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