Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's next.

I seem to always have about a million different things going on and while I'm trying to figure out how to get those done I think "gee what else can I add to my to do list." Right now, at this very moment, I have about 13 unfinished projects just waiting for me to finish, but with work, exercising, violin and husband filling up my social calendar I can never seem to find the time. Today while at work I was trying to plan out my weekend and what I would like to accomplish, I began thinking about how I would love to build something like this. Now I don't have a proper shop and I only have a handful of tools, but I spent most of my day coming up with ways to get around this shopless/tooless problem. After spending time looking at different pictures on the internet I have decided that maybe it's best to wait until summer, when I can leave my unfinished work outside without the fear of rain and snow. Well now that, that's settled (and by settled I mean I will start thinking about it again tomorrow and trying to make it happen) back to the other 12 projects I am trying to get done. I am working hard to get my Etsy shop up and going but its proving harder than I thought it would be, and on top of that I am trying to get everything done to be able to participate in a craft fair on June 6th.  I have bits and pieces of cake plates, recipe boxes, calendars, flour sack towels and everything else I'm planning to sell laying all over the place and can't seem to get a single one done. At this point I need to set a goal and just work on one project a week and try to complete it, and maybe that way I will finally get something finished. I am in project overload right now, I get so excited to start something and then lose interest and move to the next thing, such is life. Alright time get back to planning and list making. Oh and I also can't wait for this....

Camping. We are starting to collect all new camping gear and I absolutely can't wait until it's warm enough to head up the canyon for the weekend. July please hurry. 

Much, Love

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A couple of months ago I saw this bed and fell in love with it, but then looked at the price tag and my little heart was broken. After a couple of back and forth convo's with my dad I realized that this would be rather easy to make. Turns out it was, and it was roughly $160 for the entire project! WOO HOO! Dear Restoration Hardware: I do not need your $2000.00 bed because...I digress. Anyway husband and I went to Washington a couple weeks ago and with the help of my dad's awesome tool shop I was able to make the frame in only a few short hours. For those of you have don't have the proper tools, Home Depot would be able to make most of the cuts for you. The only thing that would be a challenge would be the curved pieces you would need a jigsaw for and you can buy legs at wood stores. Once we got back to Utah I had to figure out how and what I wanted to use to upholster the bed. After looking around at foam at a couple different stores I was feeling discouraged because I didn't want to spend over $100.00 plus have to buy fabric, so I called my bestie Jamie and had her google places to buy foam in Utah. She didn't really find anything helpful but did see a comment saying to use memory foam mattress pad and just cut them up, off to Walmart I went. After looking at the different options I choose the king size memory foam mattress pad that was the Walmart brand because it was only $40.00...score. Next I had to find the fabric, easy enough, I went to Home Fabrics and found this lovely mocha brown fabric for $5.00 a yard. Once I had all my supplies I went home, got the staple gun and scissors and got to work. The whole upholstery project only took me about 3 hours and that was with some trial and error. I can't wait until our little house is ready to move into so that I can dress up our new bed with my favorite duvet cover and tons of pillows!

Much Love, 

P.S. I haven't decided if I want to add the tacks along the border, but at the moment I'm leaning towards it. Oh and please ignore the odds and ends in the background, we are in the process of cleaning and I will post more pictures once our room is finished.