Once upon a time.

Once upon a time their was a boy and a girl who did not like each other very much. That boy and girl was husband and I, we did not start out as friends. We met at the beginning of junior high through my bestie Jamie Jo. Her and husband have know each other since the womb, literally, their parents have been going to the same church since, oooh, forever. Every once in a while I would tag along with James to youth group where husband would always be. My first impression of him was he was LOUD and wee bit obnoxious. His first impression of me wasn't much better, he thought I was stuck up (I have always been very quite and shy and rarely talk to people I don't know.)

As the we grew up we would occasionally hang out with big groups of people and we still didn't get along. He ended up dating a girl I use to babysit (this sounds strange but she is only 2 years younger than us) and I moved to Washington.

Fast forward 2 years to James' 21st birthday. Jamie and I were at the mall picking up some last minute items for our outfits when all who of all people should we run in to? Yup, future husband and his best friend. We talked for a few minutes and then went on our way. As we walked away I looked at Jamie and said "Since when did he cut his hair and stop wearing worlds skinniest jeans." I remember thinking just how cute he was and hoping he would come to her party. Future husband did end up coming to the party and we hung out for most of the evening. The party was over, we said our goodbyes, and I was on a plane back to Washington the next morning.

We didn't talk, or see each other for another year. On Jamie's 22nd birthday she was going out with husband and a friend of his when I called her. I was screaming on the phone talking about how awful I thought my current/pretty much ex was when husband was in the background saying things like "move to Salt Lake and I will be your boyfriend." I was in no mood for him that night, so I got off the phone with Jamie. The next day we started talking on MSN Messenger ( I know, old school right.) Soon after that it turned to texting, and then turned to phone calls.

Over the next month or so we would text each other all day long and spend our evenings on the phone for hours. That December I decided to visit Utah and hang out with him. We had so much fun together, but both expressed our feelings about not wanting to date because he had both just gotten out of serious relationships. I went back to Washington and we continued to talk everyday. By this time I knew this was going somewhere, and so did he. I went back to Utah for New Years, and then in February he came to visit me in Washington. During his trip he met my family, which included some super awkward but incredibly hilarious moments that we will never forget. We still didn't want to be in a relationship but over the next couple visits I decided it was time to move back to Utah. I prayed about it every single night and knew it was where I was supposed to be.

In April 2008 husband came to Washington and helped me move back to Utah. It was one of the BEST road trips of my life. As we were driving to our hotel that night we talked about whether or not we loved each other and how we both thought it was way too soon, so neither of us said anything. There was a long silence when all of the sudden he grabbed my hand, looked at me and said "The chicken is in the coop." That was his way of telling me he loved me without really saying it.

After hours on the road we finally made it to Utah. We were inseparable from the moment we arrived, and 5 short months later we were engaged.