Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New View.

This is my new view. 

Monday through Friday 9:30-5:30. 

It's been 3 weeks, and so far I really do like my new job. But there are still days I just don't want to get out of bed and I just have to remind myself that job means house then babies.

I also cut 9-ish inches off my hair last week. Still adjusting to that. One perk is not spending 20 blow drying my hair, which in my book is FANTASTIC.

1. Super awesome notebook from Michael's (I bought like 10)
2. New backyard plan
3. Robot cupcake tree for littlest Nephew's birthday next week.

Yup, that's work. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Party Press

Hello and good morning!

Today I have been featured by the lovely Meredith on The Party Press.

Go check it out, there are all sorts of cute ideas. 

I love her idea for St. Patrick's day, so cute!

Images via here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I miss her.

Dear James-

Please come home.

 I know you are doing super, awesome, amazing, important things but I'm selfish and want you home. I don't have anyone to watch Super Troopers with and Husby doesn't appreciate Cafe Rio like you and I. 

Today I was looking through old pictures of us and found some from your 21st birthday party. We need to have a dress up party again, or a white trash bash, because lets be honest that was pretty much awesome. 

I can't wait for you to be back in Utah all the time.

Love you. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet Treats.

A couple weeks ago I sent off quite a few cupcake trees for a charity event in Florida.

The lovely lady who I sent them to was kind enough to send me some pictures.

On another subject, someone put on her big girl pants and got a job. I am now a contributing member of society and my countdown to house buying has begun. T minus 729 days and counting. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

New Designs.

Here is a glimpse of some new stands that will be popping up in my shop over the next few weeks.

Now to get oldest younger twin brother to write my descriptions.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Date Night.

On Tuesday night Husby and I went to a concert. The first one we have been to (together) in about 2 years. 

We felt like the oldest people there. We were surrounded by high-school students and all I could think was that I don't want teenagers. I want future children to stay little forever.

I felt so out of place because we weren't dressed in the apparent theme of the night...which was black. I guess hardcore = black and not red and white polka dots. Husband and I love Christian hardcore music and my most favorite band ever was playing that night. There were 4 other bands playing, none of which we had ever heard of, but apparently quite popular with kids because the show sold out. Yep teenagers are now kids to me.

It was pretty much the perfect concert because we got there right before the Oh, Sleeper went on, left right after and I was in bed at Also win for being over 21, so I can watch a concert without being shoved and trampled, plus the bar was upstairs and had the perfect view. 

*photos taken with my phone 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pretty Towels.

Flour sack towels are my favorite towel to have around the kitchen. They absorb so much moisture, plus I can tie them around my waist. 

I haven't ever been able to find pretty towels that I am willing to pay for so I decided to make my own. This project was super easy and fairly cheap. 


plain flour sack towels (Walmart has them for 5/$5)
acrylic paint

1. Lay out your towel. I bought a tri-fold and then used thumbtacks to secure the towel so it didn't move around while stenciling. 

2. Stencil

3. Let it dry for a few days and then wash. I had to wash mine a couple times with fabric softener because I put quite a bit of paint on.  

Yay for pretty new towels! It was so easy and quick that I'm going to make more once I get a chance. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My name is Danielle and I have a problem, I collect outrageous amounts of dishes. Tea cups, plates, platters, tea pots, pitchers, glasses, you name it and I probably have 5....or 16. 

Any extra space in my kitchen is occupied by some type of dish, it's getting a little out of control.

I have these dreams of big dinner parties and summer bbq's and therefore I need 16 of everything. 16 salad plates, 16 glasses, 16 bowls, 16 plates and some of these I have a set of 16 for every month. 

Are you sensing a theme yet? 

16 is the magic number in my brain (I have no idea where this came from) and if I lose one piece I will give the entire set away.

In future house I will have an entire area of the basement dedicated to my dish collection. It's going to be the beautiful. 

This is only a small part of my collection. I am currently working on getting it all organized, which means the shuffling of all storage. Yeah it's going to take awhile. 

Monday, February 6, 2012


Is it strange that I kind of want to live in Stepford, minus the whole creepy robot thing. To say that I love that movie would be an understatement, it's my most favorite of all time. The colors, the dresses, the houses, the tea parties, oh and the 4th of July festival. That movie just makes my heart smile and for some reason makes me all kinds of motivated to get my house in order and crafty projects done. 

On our long drive home from Washington I told Husby that if I had lots of money I would have my own town, and it would be like Stepford. That's about the time he told me that I couldn't pay him to live there. He doesn't even know what he'd be missing, because it would be amazing! 

When I have waaaay to much time on my hands these are the kinds of things I think about.