Tuesday, December 14, 2010

About Time

I have finally finished my new cake plate/cupcake tree designs and just in time for the January of Brides Magazine to come out. Everything is available on my Etsy (in the sidebar). Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on branding and I am so excited for our good friend Steve to be helping me. He is super talented and in just 15 minutes last night we were able to finalize a business card design and get the basics of everything else figured out. I can't wait to see what the future holds for my shop.

Much Love, 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well Obviously

Oh Antoine Dodson you make me laugh. Besides still thinking the bed intruder song is hilarious I have been hard at work preparing for Craft Sabbeth on Sunday. This is what my mother in laws dining room table looks like, and so does mine plus a couple other tables I have set up. I'm so amazed with myself for having all of this done ahead of time. My goal is to be done tomorrow night because my mum flies in on Friday (so so excited).

Much Love,


Three years ago we started dating. I had dark hair. He ran across everyone's lane at the bowling alley trying to win a free game (he won).  Neither of us wanted a serious relationship. Three short years later we have been married for almost 2 and have fallen more in love and gone through so much more together than I could have ever imagined. Three years later he is still making me laugh and right now is singing I'm so lonely (from Team America) while making us dinner. I love him.

Much Love,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This last weekend my friend Meredith and I decorated our church for Christmas. We didn't want to go with traditional Christmas decor so we opted for a silver and gold palette. For the most part we made everything ourselves so that we could keep the budget small. We reused ornaments from last year by spray painting them, we also bought the birds at the dollar store and spray painted those to match. Even though we live at the base of the mountains neither one of us wanted to go cut down evergreen branches so luckily Home Depot gave us a box of extras. It was a long day and totally worth it, we were very pleased on how it turned out (the pictures don't do it justice).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craft Sabbath.

On December 12th I will participating in the Craft Sabbath Holiday Show at the downtown library. For all you Utah folks come check it out it should be a very merry time.


Over the holiday weekend I began making the wreath for the front door. I'm not 100% done but I will share what I have done so far and I think you will get the idea.

I plan on adding more berries and also some alder cones that my lovely mum sent me last year. Had I thought this project all the way through I would have painted the wreath brown first. I still love it and think it will look fabulous with our evergreen covered front porch.

Much Love

Now Open.

My etsy store is open again! There isn't much but over the next week I will be adding a ton of new items, I'm so excited to get them up I can't wait!

Monday, November 29, 2010


I miss this lady and I wish we lived closer so that we could sit at our table and watch the people pass by.

I had a lovely Thanksgiving and long weekend. Husband and I watched all 6 Harry Potters and were planning on seeing the new one, until football and tattoos got in our way....maybe next weekend (sigh). This past weekend was extra productive, I finished my new wreath for the front door (I will share pictures tonight), made serious progress on new cake plate designs and even had all of my household chores done by Saturday. I'm getting more and more excited for the holiday season and my shop reopening but there is still so much to do! AHH! On Saturday a girl from church (who I would love love love to open a shop with one day) will be decorating the church building and I can't wait to share pictures. There will be evergreen branches, pine cones, birdies and lets not forget silver glitter. I'm really excited to see it all come together because I have been giddy with excitement since we started planning.

Much Love,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


On Friday my sister Melynda and I were in charge of our nephews for the day. We had so much fun playing with them, plus we fed them cookies all day. (After10 days in Utah their diet is completely ruined, sorry Michelle.) We ran a couple errands and then took them up to the mountains to play in the snow, our oldest nephew had been dying to play in the snow since they got here, the youngest didn't seem too happy about it. While Melynda and the oldest had a snowball fight the youngest and I sat in the car being warm and playing with our phones. 

We went to Disney on Ice on Saturday and I will post pictures of that later on today. Sunday as I was getting ready for church I started to feel terrible. I was really hoping whatever it was would go away but by the time church was over I felt even worse and then when I woke up Monday I knew it was my good friend strep throat. I seriously might need to start coming to terms with getting my tonsils taken out, but I will think about that another day.

Much Love,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is Byron James. I love him more and more each day and I'm so very proud of him. After 7 Long years at UPS he has finally started drving.

Congrats babe I love you!

Much Love,

Monday, November 8, 2010


This last weekend was a much needed break. I had a list of chores to accomplish but with husband getting off at noon on Friday that list was overlooked. We did absolutely nothing from Friday afternoon until Saturday, except watch movies and football games. It was lovely. On Sunday morning we woke up early and got to work preparing the front garden for spring. We didn't do anything this last year and it looked awful all summer, pretty much had the abandoned house look.



Next spring I would like to add shutters to the windows, maybe flower boxes, and pretty vines with trumpet flowers to hide strange spaces between windows.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


These are the cupcakes I made for Husband on Friday.

mmmmm brains....

Much Love,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Table + Chairs

I bought this table. It will soon be white.

Now I need chairs and can't decide on which style I should make. Or maybe just give in and buy some for the time being.

 Image via Pottery Barn
 Image via Pottery Barn
 Image via ana-white.com
Image via ana-white.com

Much Love,

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I will be making these tonight, well maybe not mummies but definitely some kind of Halloween-y cupcakes. Maybe brains?

(These are the cupcakes I made for Byron's work party last year)

Much Love,


I just now realized that I never posted pictures of my finished bed! I absolutely love the way it turned out. This isn't the greatest picture but I'm hoping to get some good ones of our new room this weekend.

One day I want to build furniture for my whole house......so husband go full time so I can be a stay at home wife...k thanks.

Here are some pictures of the process.

And here is the finished product.

(I LOVE pillows if you couldn't tell)

Much Love, 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cake Plate.

I love love LOVE, when people who I've made cake plates for send me pics of them in use! Here are a couple pictures from a little girls first birthday. Isn't that cake so fun?!

Much Love

Friday, October 22, 2010


My shop will be down until Thanksgiving so that I can get reorganized and tons of new product up. I will be posting updates on here so watch for that. I have tons of new products that I am working on and can't wait to get them finished. I also have a list of million projects to do for the house so I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I can get it all done in the next couple weeks.

Much Love

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Busy.

The weekend was busy as always but I feel like husband I got so much more done than usual.

Saturday we took Fuentes to puppy class. 


Went to the pumpkin patch.

Went to a local show.

***why yes that is a cardboard robot and yes the bands name might have been brobots before hobots. no big deal.

We went to church to celebrate Elevation's 5 year anniversary and then to Ruth's for some yummy food and live music.

 This is Ruth and she was pretty much a bad ass.

After lunch we headed home and I worked on stuff for the shop the rest of the night.

Here's to hoping this week is as productive as the weekend was!

Much Love,