Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big News!!!

Most of you know that I will most likely be going to Haiti in the next couple weeks in order to chaparon orphans to the U.S. This was something that I decided to do in a matter of 5 minutes on Monday afternoon and felt like this was something I had to do. I overheard some of my co-workers talking about it and went to ask my boss about the details. The plan is that we will fly to Florida (this could change) and from there hop on a military plane to Haiti. Each of us going will be in charge of 5 or 6 with ages ranging from infant to preschool age. None of the children speak English and have never been on a plane, it is going to be a challenge but I have Jesus and with Him all is possible. We will be bringing the children back to the U.S. to either their adoptive parents or foster parents. After I found out all the details I called Byron James to see what he thought, I let him know that I didn't know when I was leaving or for how long and we would have to pay my way to Florida. He said ok, and within a couple minutes I was on a team of amazing women who were going to make the journey to Haiti. The more I think about it the more excited and nervous I get. First it's going to be an amazing experience and second I have never been to a third world country let alone one that in a few quick minutes was completely destroyed (the closet I have come is the Highlands in Longview, family and Washington friends you know what I'm talking about). This is the orphanage we'll be going and also how to donate to the relief fund. As more details become available I will be sure to let everyone know.

This last weekend my little bro and his girlfriend came down for a visit. I didn't get to see much of them because of work/violin lessons/church so I'm hoping once we are settled again he will come back and we can hang out more. They arrived Saturday afternoon and that night we went to Gateway Mall and then to the Skybox for dinner (the original plan was Tucci's but we were already there and I figured it was the least I could do after dragging Byron James to a mall in the freezing cold weather). It was a fun night, even though the Ravens lost (sad). On Sunday I saw them for maybe 30 minutes when he came to figure out why the computer wasn't recognizing my new ipod and after that they were gone to explore Salt Lake. Sunday afternoon was my second violin lesson and this time I have a song to learn YAY! Every time I meet with Meredith it makes me so excited to go home and practice. I will finally be able to play an instrument (and no it won't be a recorder...Dad)!!

Oh one last thing I'm finally working on opening my own Etsy shop! My goal is to have it open by April 1st, which is totally possible as long as I can work on it gradually. I have all kinds of cute (well I think they're cute and I'm hoping others do also) things to make and hopefully this will one day turn into my full time job. That's all for tonight and as I get more updates on Haiti I will post them.

Much Love

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