Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy Busy

As I announced earlier last week I was going to be going to Haiti, well it's turned out that I will not be going after all. Sunday morning I received a phone call from Carla (a girl I work with who was also going to go with me) that we needed to be on a plane to Florida that afternoon with supplies and be ready to receive the children at the Orlando Airport. After talking to her about it for a little while we realized that it made more sense to try and recruit people in Orlando to go. They have transportation, homes and it wouldn't take them 7 hours to get there. So after I got off the phone with her I called my sister in law Melyssa and explained everything to her. I didn't know much at the time but we knew for sure we needed 10-15 volunteers, supplies for the children, and a way to get money to them. After a couple hours of back and forth Melyssa was able to gather 9 other friends and head to the airport. While here in Utah we were able to raise $750.00 for Melyssa and Co. to buy what was needed. Melyssa was part of the first group to welcome the first set of children into the country and it has been decided that they will continue to be the group, along with Tonya (she is the wife of the attorney I work for) and Kim Hardman who is the director of the orphanage. Even though I didn't go to Haiti I am still happy that I was able to help in some way even if it was from a thousand miles away.

In other news we are going to Seattle on February 5th and I can't wait!! This will be the first proper vacation that Byron James and I have had. We didn't go on a honeymoon (we planned to but ended up losing our jobs... you know the story), and we have both been so busy since we haven't been anywhere, or really had a break. The holidays were insanely busy with family and moving that they didn't really feel like time off so the thought of leaving in 10 days is really all that is keeping me going. Oh and did I mention we will be going on a shopping spree!!! We received gift cards to our favorite store (H&M) for Christmas and also have some savings to spend, I don't remember the last time I actually went shopping. We will be spending time with Family Friday night and Saturday afternoon and then Sunday we will be going to the Zoo and most likely back to the hotel to watch the super-bowl (which I totally don't mind because that means time to be lazy and eat bad food)! It's pretty much all I talk about right now and I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about it....buuut I don't really care I 'm REALLY excited!

I'm really trying to get better about updating my blog every few days instead of once every week and a half or so but it seems like every time I go to update it I get busy. It was doggy bath time this week and Byron James decided that washing them in the sink was a better idea than the tub because of the sprayer. It was, but neither of them were happy about it. I can't wait until we shave them in the spring time, less fur, less mess, much less brushing (they will be shaved to look like lions).


Much Love, 

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