Saturday, April 16, 2011


Ok maybe road-trip is a bit of an exaggeration, BUT I did take a little trip north in a GIANT 12 passenger van to pick up 6 of these little beauties (only $50, um yes please). 

I was beyond excited when I found them online... I may have squealed. Over the past couple months I had given up hope on ever finding chairs like this and had resolved to making Parsons chairs myself. They will soon be ivory, to match this table, with pretty new fabric and I'm thinking navy with a geometric pattern. 

To pick up my amazing find I had to go north which meant I had to pass Utah's only theme park. Yeah it's not the most impressive and yes you might be risking your life on every ride but it does the job. Once it starts getting warmer I plan to drag Husby up there a couple times a month to get my roller coaster fix. 

Tonight I am planning my vegetable garden and it is going to be awe.some. Planter boxes with twinkle lights overhead, maybe some chairs and a fire pit in the middle, I think yes. I also think this will not be an epic fail like last year. Poor, sad, little garden didn't last a week, but the general consensus is that I planted to early. That mistake will not be made this year, and my garden will THRIVE... or at least it will look pretty. 


P.S. I can't wait until we start decorating and remodeling our little home, I have BIG BIG plans. After it's all done I may never ever want to leave. 

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