Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dear Dog.


If you chew up one more pair of my shoes, destroy another hot tub cover or get your muddy footprints all over my duvet cover one more time, I might just have to sell you. Ok, you know I really wouldn't sell you but seriously start behaving, you are driving me crazy.


Every time a car door opens he thinks he gets to go somewhere, and then can't figure out how to get out .


  1. Love it...I can remember how my dog loved to take out all my fresh planted trees, flowers and anything else she saw me plant...Thanks for sharing ♥
    Come by and visit

  2. oh been there too~! The thing that amazes me is that my dog only would chew up hard bound copies of books. Not the cheaper paper backs...:) Same with shoes...not the cheaper flip flops. Only the expensive heels...
    However, my dogs are there when the rest of the world isn't. They forgive, and love me even with no make up, nice clothes or fixed hair. :)

  3. He's only 9 months old so I am hoping that he grows out of this SOON.

    I didn't even think about him tearing up gardens! AHHH! That makes me nervous to plant my backyard this year.

    Thankfully he hasn't chewed up anything of too much value yet. I'm pretty careful to keep that stuff away from him, but still he did chew up my favorite pair of Old Navy flip flops.