Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Did you have a nice Easter?

It didn't even feel like Easter to me.

Went to church in the morning, and met our new pastor and his family, still haven't made up my mind about that situation yet. Out to lunch with the usually group. Then home to work on house projects. 

We didn't eat Easter dinner until about 9 that night, when Husby's parents got home. By the time we were done eating I took one look at the kitchen and decided it was time for bed. 

The highlight of my day was talking to Jamie Jo and planning her arranged marriage. Yes, that's right she may be in Croatia right now but I'm lining up a husband for her when she gets back. During worship at the second service I might have been walking through the crowd with Jamie on FaceTime, trying to find get a picture of future husband. I know I'm kind of a creep.

House projects are finally getting done, almost all of my dining room furniture has it's first coat of primer and the kitchen in nearing completion. My goal is to have the inside done before the end of May. Totally doable. I've also learned that I need structure in my life, I'm much more productive when I don't have time to watch Dateline 6 hours a day. Currently planning a wedding (not mine), planning a baby girl's first birthday, working full time, keeping my shop going and getting our house done. Some people think I'm crazy but I LOVE it. 

 Ham : Garlic Green Beans : Cheesy Potatoes : Sugar Free Strawberry Shortcake Trifles

Right before Fuentes got in big trouble for putting his face on the table. 

 This is the chair project, and it's finally happening. I've only had them for a year now.

And a little side note. Apparently my cake stands were featured in the May issue of Parenting Magazine. Now to troll the grocery stores to find a copy. 

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