Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend Projects.

Now let me be clear when I say weekend projects I mean thinking about getting it done every weekend for 6 months projects. 

 I get these big ideas for projects, go out and buy everything and then move on to my next great idea. As I've mentioned before this is something that needs stop so it's time to get this done.

My goals for this weekend are 1) sand/prime dining table and chairs, 2) sand hutch and finish revamping doors and drawers.

 I bought said hutch last August and it has been sitting in my basement ever since.

And here is Madam Hutch's friend Dining table. We have a breakfast bar in our kitchen so who needs table? Clearly not us.

Here was the first step in getting the hutch ready for painting. I really didn't like the current details of the doors or drawers so I decided to revamp the. Here is a quick tutorial on how I did that.

This is what they looked like before. ick.

I much as I love this 1960's -ish flower, it had to go

1. Measure the space you want to cover and cut out those pieces. I used a table saw but a handsaw of some kind with a straight edge will do just fine too.

2. Before you glue them in place make sure that they fit how you want.

3. Glue them done and nail them into place. I used my brad nailer for this but a hammer and nail will work just as well.

4. If you are doing the drawers repeat the same steps. To get the shapes for this section I used the table saw to get the basic rectangle and then  used my jigsaw to make the slight curves on the end. To be honest I was really intimidated by this part because I thought it was going to be rather hard to match up the shape, but guess what?! It was so easy! All I did was take a piece of paper, lay it over the top and then use pencil to make the outline. Once you have the outline trace it on the pieces of  wood that you have already cut and BAM you have your shape.

5. Next step is to caulk around the edges of the new pieces to give it that seamless look. Once you are done place them somewhere warm to dry because if it's too cold the caulking will crack as it dries. I learned this the hard way and had to redo them all.

Once that is all done you can attach new appliques, stencil it or pretty much do whatever. Total this project took me about an hour to do 2 doors and 3 drawers. Later I will post pictures of what the doors and drawers look like with their new appliques and maybe next week I will have pictures of it all primed and ready to go! A girl can dream. 

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