Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have a thing for bees. 
 Not for realies bees, don't like those, but pretty much everything else. I mean Misso and I named our short lived craft fair the Beehive Craftival. 

Misso found this gem on West Elm a couple weeks ago and about 30 seconds after she sent me the link, it was mine. It now is sitting on my counter waiting for a beehive cake. 
*found here*

Don't really care that I'm 26 I'm totally going to order this. 

I already have a cookie jar that will match these!

This is a custom stand that I think I'm going to start selling in my shop. 

You know what isn't fun? 
Eating yogurt with a fork because somehow you forgot to bring a spoon with you to work. 

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