Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This sickness needs to be gone.

So I may not be as sick as I was yesterday but I still feel like the only sensible thing to do is lay on the couch. My plans, however, were interpreted when 3 of my 4 dogs escaped and the neighbor came knocking on the door to let me know. Imagine me in my bright pink robe my hair all over the place and my most attractive gray sweats (yeah they are Husband favorite) walking down the street trying to yell with my man voice at my dogs to get in the backyard. Thankfully my neighbor helped me gather my animals and I was back inside, on my couch in no time. About 30 min later I heard cracking noises and got up to see what it was, yep my pet dinosaur apparently LOVES walnuts because I found 4 of these lovely little messes around the house. I was just thinking how I wanted to spend my day cleaning. Thanks dog. 

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