Thursday, December 15, 2011

Snow and curtains.

First a note to Mother Nature.

Mother Nature: It is a week before Christmas and there is still no snow. Hurry it up because my outside decor will look much better covered in a white blanket of cold glittery goodness. 

Next subject: curtains. 

I really really wanted yellow chevron striped curtains for my living room windows. Well I did until I saw the price tag for the fabric of $9 a yard and I need 20 yards, so that wasn't going to happen. I have since decided to make my own. They won't have chevron stripes because that's too much work, but they will have really wide horizontal stripes. I'm hoping to start working on them today, and once they're done and hopefully a success I will share how I did it. Total this whole project should cost around $30 which makes this girl extra happy.   

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