Thursday, February 9, 2012

Date Night.

On Tuesday night Husby and I went to a concert. The first one we have been to (together) in about 2 years. 

We felt like the oldest people there. We were surrounded by high-school students and all I could think was that I don't want teenagers. I want future children to stay little forever.

I felt so out of place because we weren't dressed in the apparent theme of the night...which was black. I guess hardcore = black and not red and white polka dots. Husband and I love Christian hardcore music and my most favorite band ever was playing that night. There were 4 other bands playing, none of which we had ever heard of, but apparently quite popular with kids because the show sold out. Yep teenagers are now kids to me.

It was pretty much the perfect concert because we got there right before the Oh, Sleeper went on, left right after and I was in bed at Also win for being over 21, so I can watch a concert without being shoved and trampled, plus the bar was upstairs and had the perfect view. 

*photos taken with my phone 

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