Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Husband and I were talking about buying our first home today. Where we wanted it to be, how much we wanted to spend, when we would be able to start looking (still seems forever away because we are saving up a HUGE down payment), and of course what we are looking for. I'm 98% positive I have been thinking about my dream house since I was 5. When I was younger I wanted to be in the middle of a big city, Portland, OR to be exact, but now all I can think about is being in the country. It's really strange to me because I grew up as a total city girl and you couldn't pay me to go to a farm, camp, or really anything outside. High heels and shopping, that was me every. single. day. Even if heels were incredibly inappropriate for the occasion, I was wearing them. My padre has so many stories of 'Danielle and her horrible shoe choice.' Beach, heels. College campus tour, heels. You get the idea, young me = high maintenance. Now when I think of my dream home, I think of land with a little house near a smaller town. Somewhere our future children and our animals don't have to be fenced in and there are no worries of busy streets. Somewhere I can have a ginormous garden with chickens and maybe a couple horses. Oh and you know what would be perfect.... a big red barn, but I'm pretty sure husband won't go for the horses, chickens or the barn. boo. Oh well I guess until that time comes I have my country music and my little garden to keep my thoughts company.

My super cute new apron, my wicked awesome bee slippers and I spent the afternoon together.
I LOVE being a stay at home wife. It's pretty much the best.

P.S. Please ignore horrendous floor, a) it's filthy, all 4 dogs were in most of the day and b) it will soon be leaving my life forever. 

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