Friday, September 2, 2011


Goodbye August. Hello September.

I'm still at my parents where the weather is already cool and the leaves are changing. Fall is in the air and I can't wait until it finally arrives in Utah.

Now that it's the 1st, the official birthday countdown has begun. Husby and I turn 26 in a couple weeks (we are two days apart) cra-zay! We will both have the week off and I see camping, hiking and lake time in my future, and hopefully country dancing. Husband if you are reading this I think we should have birthday weekend, celebrate mine on Friday and your's on Saturday. So you should probably plan for everybody to go dancing that night, and by you I mean I'm not going to do anything but show up. Please and thank you.

I'm off to finish the 500 invitations I am working on for my friends wedding, they are taking 

Our 24th Birthday Camping Trip


  1. So beautiful!! And so jealous for cooler temps... it is still over 100 every day in Vegas and won't get cool till November - blech.

    Happy pre-birthday!

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes! Every time I talk to my husband he is complaining how hot it is back home. Over the last two weeks I've acclimated to fall.