Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Craft Lake City.

First of all, hello to all of my new friends! Second, this last weekend was Craft Lake City and while it was fun, I'm relieved it's over. The week before is a blur because so much was going on trying to get ready for Saturday. There was furniture to be painted, cake plates to make, and decorations had to be finalized.  Misso and I shared a booth, which meant we go to spend the whole day together and we always have a good time. We had a good spot right by the main stage so there was quite a bit of traffic plus we had music to listen to all day long. It was a lovely day but like I said I'm happy it's over, now onto then next task, planning Jenny's wedding which is going to be amazing! I will share details as it starts to come together.

Aren't Misso's necklaces, prints and embroidery hoops so super cute?! I love them all and think I need to buy a couple hoops from her for my bedroom. 


  1. All the new things are so cute! I bet you sold a ton of everything!

  2. I saw you at craft lake city!!! I loved your stuff!! The day was overly hot and very sunburnie! Your booth was the brite spot in my vist!!